Three Ways the Body Changes During Pregnancy

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
Three Ways the Body Changes During Pregnancy

it is no secret that the body changes during pregnancy. You might love some of these changes and hate some. Most of these changes disappear after delivery. These changes are normal and shouldn't cause you to panic  Here are four changes your body will experience during pregnancy.


Pregnant women often undergo significant breasts changes during pregnancy. This is the body's way of preparing the breasts to supply milk to the new born baby. Pregnancy hormones affects the areola by darkening it. As the breasts enlarge, you may experience tenderness or sensitivity. You may also notice that the veins in your breasts are more visible. So many women will notice an increase in the size of the nipple and areola. The breasts might produce small amounts of thick, yellowish substance during the second trimester. This substance is called COLOSTRUM. Some women may notice small lumps in the breast tissue—this can be caused by blocked milk ducts. When you notice this, try massaging the breast and get it examined by your doctor during your next prenatal visit, just to rule out serious health issues.


The cervix also ungergo physical changes during pregnancy. The cervix thickens and becomes firm. In early pregnancy, the cervix will produce a thick mucus to seal off the uterus. This mucus is often expelled during the last month of pregnancy or during delivery.  Mucus mixed with a small amount of blood is common— as the uterus prepares for labor. Days leading to delivery—the cervix dilates significantly, softens, and thins, and gives the baby passage.


Women experience drastic changes in their sense of smell and taste during pregnancy. They might crave, salty, sweet and spicy food. Their threshold for these kind of food is also increased. Some women's tasting ability decreases during pregnancy. This is called ( Dysgeusia). Your food preferences might change with each trimester. Although, there are reports on women experiencing a dulled sense of taste for a short period of time postpartum, they regained full taste capability after pregnancy.


A pregnant woman's skin might becomes darker. The dark line that appears in the middle of your abdomen might become more visible during pregnancy(linea nigra)

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