Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

By Cicle Health on 20 Jul, 2022
Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often an exciting time for most families. Adequate care of yourself and your child is essential in limiting the risks of Pregnancy complications. You are responsible for the development of your child as the child takes form and shape in you. To be on the safe side, here are things to avoid during pregnancy


Do not overexert yourself. Stress is one of the causes of a miscarriage and preterm labor. During pregnancy, stress can increase the chances of having a premature baby.Babies born too soon or too small are at increased risk for health problems. Stress also causes high blood pressure and heart diseases.


Alcohol can cause damage to the brain of the child. It can cause premature birth, and cause a serious condition called foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. It can also cause heart defects, miscarriage and still birth.


Smoking also puts you at risk of a miscarriage. The child might be born prematurely or with a birth defect. Smoking before an after pregnancy is frowned upon.


Put a stop to your intake of caffeine, because caffeine causes frequent urinationation—which in turn causes dehydration. Caffeine also increases the blood pressure which is dangerous for you and your child. Whatever you put in you also goes into your child.


You might want to draw a hot bath to relive you of your aches and pain—you shouldn't. An elevated body during pregnancy can lead to certain birth defects. In place of a hot bath, try a warm bath.

For the health and safety of you and your unborn child, you shouldn't do any of the things written above. You should also go for check up regularly and relay any

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