Five Things to Do in Preparation for Childbirth

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
Five Things to Do in Preparation for Childbirth

Childbirth can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. Whether it is your first or your third time. It springs up so many emotions you might not know how to control. Having a baby brings excitement, but it is also very exhausting and tasking. Here are five ways to help you prepare for childbirth.


A balanced diet will give you and your baby the nutrients you will need to prepare for childbirth. A healthy diet also helps in the nourishment and development of both the mother and the child. Whatever goes into you, also goes into the child. Eat more food that contains calcium, protein and iron. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diets.


Labor is exhausting and you will need to save up all the energy that you can. Avoid strenuous exercise, especially during the final trimester. It is important to take enough rest while you can. Spend more time with your partner, spend time alone, do the things you love. After delivery, you are going to get busy.


Have in your hospital bags things you will need when you get to the hospital. This will help avoid last minutes rush. You might need some of the things written below.

• Insurance or hospital card

• Birth plan

• Clothes for you and your child

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Hair brush and hair pins

• Deodorant

• Bath supplies

• Diapers and diaper pins

• Baby oil and lotion

• Baby blanket


This might be difficult, especially for new mothers. But reading and hearing bad birth experiences will put you in a state of worry and fear—which can lead to stress. Stress can cause preterm labor. For your peace of mind, avoid such stories and seek positivity—especially towards the end of your pregnancy.


If you are worried about the birth process, relay your concerns to your doctor or midwife. Ask questions, also keep an open mind that your labor might be different from what you envisioned. Talk to your doctor about the different kinds of delivery and your concerns for each of them. This will help you choose the best fit for you and relax your mind.

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