PCOS In Indian Women

By Cicle Health on 10 Nov, 2022
PCOS In Indian Women

PCOS is a condition in which the reproductive system becomes very unbalanced and the effect is a myriad of symptoms, such as irregular menstrual cycles, no ovulation, infertility, and/or PCOS symptoms. This blog will look into the prevalence of PCOS in Indian women and the factors that seem to contribute to it.

Why PCOS has become a problem?

There is a lot of data on PCOS and it is now a global problem that women of all ages are facing. Indian women are not exempt from this. One reason for this is the high intake of refined sugar, which is a known trigger for PCOS. The other is the lack of awareness of PCOS and how it affects the female body. Women who have PCOS are likely to have irregular periods, because of the hormonal imbalance and insulin levels which are both affected by sugar. Another reason is that many Indian women don't even know that they have PCOS, as maternal and infant mortality rates are so high in India, that many women don't know that they are pregnant until it is too late.

How do PCOS affect the Indian women?

The prevalence of PCOS in Indian women is quite high. There is a lack of knowledge among Indian women and a lack of knowledge among the medical community. PCOS is a very common condition in India and a lot of women are not aware of it. The reason for this is because PCOS is not seen as a serious condition in India. This is why it is more prevalent in Indian women. In addition to this, the Indian healthcare system is not equipped to handle this condition. This is the reason for the high prevalence of PCOS in Indian women

Risk factors for PCOS

Genetics play a role in having PCOS. People whose family member suffers from PCOS are more likely to develop it than those without any family link to PCOS.

People with insulin resistance are likely to develop PCOS —as there is no regulation of sugar in the body, which makes the pancreas to go over drive secreting excess insulin.

Asides risk factors, there are associated heath risk to having PCOS which includes:

  • Infertility
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • depression
  • high cholesterol etc

All the aforementioned can lead to other health issues, so PCOS has to be detected and treated early.


In the news earlier this year, a study was published revealing the prevalence of PCOS in women in India. This is very troubling especially because these can be hormonal, reproductive, and even lead to diabetes.

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