PCOS And Fertility

By Cicle Health on 12 Aug, 2022
PCOS And Fertility

PCOS is a common cause of infertility in women. It is a problem with the hormones and it affects the reproductive system.When you have PCOS, your ovaries become enlarged and have tiny cysts in them. Women with PCOS produce a high amount of androgen also known as the male hormone, because of this hormone present in the female body, symptoms like hair on the chin and breast are common with women with PCOS.


  • People with PCOS suffer from hormone imbalance that can lead to:
  • high levels of male hormones (androgen)
  • Small fuid-filled sacs in the ovaries
  • high levels of insulin in your blood (because of insulin resistance)
  •  One common symptoms of PCOS is missed periods. Since PCOS might prevent ovulation, that means a healthy egg won't be released. With no egg being released, there is nothing the sperm will fertilize. Hence, no period or pregnancy.



  • There are treatments that helps regulate the period if a woman is having difficulty conceiving. This treatments helps with ovulation—and having a safe pregnancy.
  • Birth control pills are often prescribed . These pills helps regulating your menstrual cycle by reducing the production of androgen.  Working with a fertility doctor will help increase your chances of getting pregnant if you are suffering from PCOS. The doctor will discuss various treatments with you and help choose the one that is suitable for you.  Make sure you do not miss your appointments with this specialist, since he will be tracking your progress with series of tests.


  • There are times when you'll have to lose the weight—it can help control your hormones and bring it back to the normal level. Losing weight may help your menstrual cycle become more predictable. This might help you get pregnant.
  • Living a healthier lifestyle with a better diet, regular exercise, appointments to the doctor can help control your fertility odds if you have PCOS. If your period is irregular,  work closely with your gynaecologist to regulate it.

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