Postpartum Psychosis

By Cicle Health on 20 Jul, 2022
Postpartum Psychosis

Postpartum psychosis is a rare mental illness that affects women after childbirth. It is so rare that it affects about one in five hundred women. This mental illness should be taken seriously and considered a medical emergency because symptoms may cause harm to the mother of child. Postpartum depression manifest the week of delivery . The symptoms are often severe and can be scary for both the mother and the family

• Delusion: usual thoughts and beliefs

•Hallucination: seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling things that aren't there

•Depression: Severe case of depression that might require mood boosters

•Mood swings


•Manic moods

• detachment from people



You are at risk of having Postpartum psychosis if you have a family history of psychosis, if you've once had a psychotic episode, if you suffer from bipolar disorder and if you have extreme mood swings while pregnant. It is advisable you do not wait till the symptoms manifest before you seek help for it. If you know you might be at risk of having it, talk to your doctor before your delivery and also take adequate measures to prevent a catastrophic event.



Talk to your doctor about your family's medical history and yours too. He might refer you to a psychiatrist or put you on antipsychotic and mood booster medications. Also get a journal to record your mood during Pregnancy. Prepare your family for what might come and educate them on how to handle it. Make sure everyone is on board


• Keep a mood journal to record your all your moods.

• Have someone you trust be with you and your child.

• Make sure you are never around sharp objects

• Take your medications, skipping it will worsen your symptoms


Postpartum depression is a medical emergency and should be treated as such. Do not wait till you start experiencing the symptoms before you seek help for it. It is completely treatable.

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