Love Is A Choice

By Cicle Health on 13 Sep, 2022
Love Is A Choice

You know how everyone talks about loving their child immediately after they get to hold the child? Well, for me it was different. I had just come out of nineteen hours of labor. I was exhausted and a bit foggy, but I remember holding my child and wondering

"Why don't I feel anything?" I didn't really feel any bond. I was just there. The second day after the delivery, I was told to feed her. I begged the nurse to give her formula that I was still exhausted (that was a lie) and I just didn't want to see her. The nurse quickly figured out what was happening and explained to me that it was normal not to feel anything for your child at first, and that the reason most women do not talk about it is because of the shame they feel. She made me realize that if I don't spend time with my child, I won't feel anything. She brought in the baby and taught me how to breastfeed. This time I felt something different, a sense of pride that I had birthed someone so beautiful. I get this joy that my body created her arms, legs, heart, everything in just nine months. It felt surreal. Ever since that day, my baby and I have been inseparable. 



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