Prenatal Depression

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
Prenatal Depression

Prenatal depression is often associated with pregnant women. It is quite different from postpartum depression. Prepatum depression is more than being in a mood, or feeling sad. It is unexplained anger and unexplained episodes. This mental Illness can be treated. Shame is a tool that has been used to control women for centuries. Because of this shame, those who recognize the symptoms might keep it to themselves rather than seek medical attention. Prenatal depression is just as common as postpatum depression, but not as widely known and it plagues expecting mothers

  It’s important you know and recognize this symptoms so you know when to seek help


Symptoms of prenatal depression includes :


•Loss of appetite or excessive eating

•Trouble concentrating

•Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much

•Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed

•Loss of interest in hobbies



So many factors can increase your chances of having prenatal depression. Let's look at them.

• Genetics also play a major role. If a female member of your family suffer from prenatal depression, chances are you might too

• Unplanned pregnancy leaves you worrying and with guilt

• previous history of anxiety or depression.

if you have noticed these symptoms and you find it difficult to care for yourself or attend prenatal appointments—Contact your doctor immediately, as delay can be detrimental. 

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