What Is Prenatal Care?

By Cicle Health on 26 Aug, 2022
What Is Prenatal Care?
  • Prenatal care is the medical care you receive while pregnant.Prenatal care can help both you and your unborn child's health. Babies whose mother's received prenatal care have a lesser risk of dying or being born with low weights. Doctors can always identify a threat to the mother or child's life if there is a regular checkup. As a result, doctors may treat them right away. Many issues can be resolved and others prevented with early treatment. Doctors also give advice to expectant mothers on how to give their unborn children a healthy start in life. To start prenatal care, women who think they might be pregnant should make an appointment with their doctor. Providing a urine sample, having your weight checked, and having a physical checkup are typically included in prenatal appointments to the doctor. Health care professionals may also perform blood tests and imaging exams like ultrasounds, depending on the stage of the pregnancy. The mother's health, the health of the fetus, and any queries regarding the pregnancy are also discussed at these appointments.

Advantages of prenatal care

  • Pregnancy and prenatal care can assist in preventing difficulties and educate women about crucial actions they can take to safeguard their unborn child and guarantee a successful pregnancy. Women who receive regular prenatal care can lessen the chance of difficulties during pregnancy. Controlling pre-existing diseases is crucial to avoiding major problems and their repercussions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Prenatal care helps reduce the risk of problems for the pregnancy and newborn. Your doctor will give you a list of things to avoid. Like alcohol and tobacco.Sudden Infant Death Syndrome risk has been linked to alcohol and tobacco usage during pregnancy. Additionally, drinking raises the chance of developing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, which can lead to a number of issues such atypical facial features, a small head, poor coordination,cognitive deficits and other issues.

How often should an expecting mother visit the hospital?

  • Your pregnancy's stage and risk of issues will determine how frequently you will receive prenatal care. If you are pregnant and your pregnancy is high-risk, your doctor may want you to visit more frequently for checkups.

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