Vaginal Cyst

By Cicle Health on 29 Nov, 2022
Vaginal Cyst

Vaginal cysts are lumps that resemble sacs and are filled with liquid, air, or another substance. Vaginal cysts are typically innocuous and painless. Usually, the cysts have different sizes; some are too small to notice, while others may be as large as an orange. Several things could cause vaginal cysts. Injuries sustained during childbirth, a buildup of fluid in the vagina, and the presence of benign tumors in the vagina are some of the main causes of cysts.

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Symptoms of Vaginal Cyst

Vaginal Cyst usually do not show any symptoms. If you have a vaginal cyst, then you might see a small lump within the wall of your vagina. Often our doctor examines your vagina during a routine check. Some cysts do not cause pain, but they can be inconvenient. If they are infected, they are more likely to cause pain. The vagina can be infected with bacteria or a sexual infection. If it is, it causes a cyst that is filled with fluid which can be very painful.

Types of Vaginal Cyst

There are various types of vaginal cyst. The most common types include Inclusion Cysts, Bartholin’s Glands Cysts, Gartner’s Duct Cysts, Mullerian Cysts.

Inclusion Cysts:-

Inclusion Cysts the most prevalent kinds of vaginal cysts. They might appear towards the bottom back of your vaginal wall and are small. Inclusion cysts are difficult to see because of their small size. The most common causes of inclusion cysts are surgical wounds or birth traumas.

Garner duct Cysts:-

The ducts in a growing embryo should go away after a kid is delivered, but this isn't always the case. At a later time in life, the ducts may occasionally persist and develop into vaginal cysts.

Bartholin’s Cyst:-

Bartholin’s cyst is a benign tumor that is located on the Bartholin’s gland. This gland is located just behind the clitoris, on either side of the vaginal opening. The Bartholin’s gland is a small, thin gland that produces oil and sweat.

Müllerian Cysts:-

If some material is left behind while a newborn develops, Müllerian cysts may develop. The cysts typically develop on the vagina, and mucus is typically present in them.


Doctor can examine the cyst through physical exam. They can see or touch the cyst. The doctor can also monitor the severity of the cyst. Treatment approach is based on the type of cyst and severity.


Doctor may want to run further test to detect cancerous cells or to check if there are infections. Some tests can be done to:

  • To know if the cyst has cancerous cells.
  • To make if the cyst is caused by a sexually transmitted disease (STI).

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Prevention of Vaginal Cyst

  • Maintaining a healthy habit will help prevent infections that might cause cyst.
  • During sex, use condom to prevent sexual transmitted infection (STI).
  • Wipe from backward to forward after using the toilet.

When do you go to the doctor

If you think you have a cyst, do not try to check yourself or try to remove it. Contact our doctor if you:

Feel a lump inside or outside the Vagina.

  • If it seems that the area is infected.
  • if you have fever
  • if you feel Pelvic pain
  • Unusual vaginal discharge

Treatment of vaginal Cysts

Our doctor will discuss various treatments with you and you will both choose the best treatment for you. Never try to remove or squeeze the cysts because it can be infectious. Some treatment for vaginal Cysts are:

Sitz Bath: -

By having a sitz bath, you can ease the discomfort caused by vaginal cysts. Sitting in a warm bath of water multiple times a day is known as a sitz bath. For three to four days, you might have to repeat the process. Small vaginal cysts may rupture and leak their contents if you take warm baths frequently. It's possible that you won't need to see a doctor once the cysts empty.

Antibiotics: -

If the Cysts are infected, the doctor will give you antibiotics. Additionally, if you have a sexually transmitted infection, antibiotics are the best option. However, antibiotics might not be essential if your gynecologist is able to completely drain the vaginal cyst.

Surgical Draining: -

A small tube is used to remove fluid, which is called catheter, is inserted into the cyst If your vaginal cyst is large or infected, surgical drainage is very necessary. To relieve pain, your gynecologist will apply local anesthetic. During surgical drainage, the cyst is punctured and its contents are drained. The doctor could insert a little rubber tube into the incision after cyst drainage to make sure the cyst drains completely. It might be required to keep the rubber tube in place for several weeks in order to completely drain the cyst.

Preparing for surgery

Our doctor will explain the process to you and will need your permission before proceeding. Our doctor will ask about your medical history and if you have any allergies Any risk factor or potential complications will be discussed.

Our doctor will tell you about the Anaesthesia that will be used.

Care after surgery

After the surgery, our doctor if you are bleeding. If you are, you will be given sanitary pad. Our doctor will also keep you in the hospital for a few hours before discharging the hospital, to observe you. After surgery you may be given painkillers and/or antibiotics.

Best Treatment for You

If the cyst is in the initial stage and is infected, antibiotic and a sitz bath is the best treatment. If it doesn't go after using antibiotics, you might need to drain it.

Frequently asked questions

Is Vaginal Cyst a sexually transmitted disease?

No, it is not a sexually transmitted disease. Though some STIs might cause the growth of the Cyst

How does a vaginal cyst look like?

Vaginal Cyst looks like a soft lump and it can be seen or felt in the vaginal wall or outside of the vaginal. Vaginal cysts are different in sizes, and types. If you think you might have a cyst growing, contact our doctor.

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