By Cicle Health on 5 Aug, 2022

During the first trimester, expecting mothers can sleep as they like. It is safe for them to sleep on their backs, side, or stomach throughout the first trimester. Any arrangement of the aforementioned positions is acceptable. Sleep disruption is not caused by the uterus's size. However, hormonal changes, hunger at night, nausea, and other pregnancy symptoms could make it more challenging to fall asleep. It is recommended for women to sleep on their left side when they enter their second and third trimesters. This position increases blood flow to the uterus while sparing the liver from pressure. Pregnant women who experience hip or back discomfort may discover that putting one or two pillows between their knees or bending their knees while they sleep will help them feel better. Below are few positioning tips to achieve a comfortable sleeping position


Add numerous pillows. If you have trouble falling asleep, try crossing one leg over the other and placing a cushion between your legs and another behind your back.

By placing a pillow beneath your body, you can avoid rolling onto your stomach or back and maintain your position on your side.

Support yourself. Try sleeping in a semi-upright position in a chair rather than a bed if pillows are ineffective.

Inform your healthcare provider if you believe that your lack of sleep is becoming a problem. He or she can assist you in identifying the source of your issue and offering remedies so you can receive the rest you require.

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