Pregnancy Complications

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
Pregnancy Complications

Health issues that develop during pregnancy are referred to as complications. They may be related to the wellbeing of the mother, the infant, or both. Pregnancy-related health issues can occur in some women, whereas pregnancy-related issues in other women can occur prior to conception. To lower the risk of pregnancy difficulties, it is crucial for women to obtain medical treatment both before and during pregnancy. From minor annoyances to serious, perhaps life-threatening illnesses, pregnancy symptoms and problems can occur. It can be challenging for women to distinguish between symptoms that are typical and those that are not. Physical and psychological issues that are harmful to the mother's or the unborn child's health might be problems during pregnancy. Pregnancy has the potential to either create or worsen these issues. Although many of these health issues are minor and do not worsen, if they do, the mother or her unborn child could suffer the result. Below are some complications that can arise during pregnancy.



Some women experience prenatal or postnatal depression because of pregnancy. Symptoms of these kind of depression are:

• hopelessness

• feeling of worthlessness

• mood swing

• change in appetite and sleep

It is likely that you are experiencing depression when several of these symptoms co-occur and last for longer than a week or two at a time. An expectant mother may find it challenging to take care of both herself and her unborn child if her depression lingers.




Before and throughout pregnancy, uncontrolled chronic high blood pressure increases the risk of complications for both the expectant mother and the unborn child. Women with elevated blood pressure are more likely to experience unfavorable pregnancy outcomes, such as premature delivery, having a baby who is tiny for gestational age, and infant death. The most crucial action is to talk to your doctor about blood pressure issues before being pregnant so that you can receive the proper care and have your blood pressure under control.


A person with anemia has fewer healthy red blood cells than is typical. The quantity of healthy red blood cells can be increased by treating the anemia's underlying cause. Anemia associated to pregnancy can make a woman feel lethargic and frail. Supplementing with iron and folic acid can assist with this. Throughout your pregnancy, a health professional will monitor your iron levels.


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