You Are In Charge Of Your Life

By Cicle Health on 25 Aug, 2022
You Are In Charge Of Your Life

When I was younger, I didn't see myself as beautiful. I had a face full of acne and I wore braces. So I went out with my head bowed and tried to avoid eye contact. I didn't know that the acne on my face was a symptom of PCOS. I was often made fun of in school because of my face. For a long time, I was called "pimpled face." Kids can be mean.

 It was not until my period seized for six months when I was 18 that I went to see a doctor. At first I was given birth control pills, but nothing worked, so I had to go back to run some tests. After a series of tests, PCOS was ruled as the diagnosis. I was told that there wasn't any need for treatment since my symptoms weren't severe and I was still young. I wish I had pressed harder to get treated, but I just accepted the doctor's words.

Before the diagnosis, I didn't know anything about PCOS. So I checked online and read everything on PCOS. I read about the kinds of food to eat, what to avoid, and the treatments. I read everything. I wanted to be ready. Years later, I started having issues conceiving, so I went to a gynaecologist, and I was told PCOS was the cause. We discussed a treatment plan and also the best way to get pregnant given my condition.

Changes were made to my lifestyle and I was placed on a strict diet. And IVF was said to be the best way to get pregnant. The whole process wasn't easy. After a couple of miscarriages, I finally gave birth to a beautiful girl. I want to believe proper knowledge of PCOS and a really good specialist were what helped me.

Amara Chaudhary


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