What Not To Do When You Have PCOS

By Cicle Health on 4 May, 2022
What Not To Do When You Have PCOS

Are you worried to have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? This hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with cysts on the outer edges may not have an immediate remedy, but it can surely be addressed with medication, lifestyle changes and positivity. There are a variety of factors including genetic and environmental aspects that lead to this condition in women of reproductive age.

Women across the world with PCOS have had excessive hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle, unexplained weight gain and skin problems like acne. Post detection of PCOS, the aim is to treat the condition by adopting changes in lifestyle and habits, so as to get the menstrual cycle regular. There are treatments to regularise periods, medication to prevent diabetes as well as fight infertility. But, first and foremost, is the realisation that immediate steps need to be taken to tackle the condition before you are prepared to work towards reversing it.

Here are a few pointers to help you begin your journey back to good health.

Avoid High Sugar Foods And Drinks

Who doesn’t wish to be a slave to good taste? But, at the cost of good health? Surely not. Which is why even if you feel tempted to try out all those sweets on the counter or pick on every chocolate on the shelf, refrain. Avoiding high sugar foods and drinks is necessary especially if you have been detected with PCOS and are determined to embrace good health again.

Say No To Being A Couch Potato

Being lazy and dumping yourself in a comfortably cosy corner of your home might sound like an envious thing to do but it could have adverse effects on your health and well-being. Being an active person is bound to keep you on-the-go, thus preventing you from gaining weight and becoming obese. Long hours of inactivity or spending endless hours in front of the television will make you put on weight.

Consider Your Need For Sleep

While the larger part of the world believes they love their sleep time, there are many who either fight and delay sleep or pride in the fact that they don’t need as much sleep as others do to stay fresh and energetic. However, remember never to compromise on your sleep; sleep gives your body and mind time to recharge and feel fresh, be alert and in a good mood to pursue your tasks. Tune in to your sleep cycle.

Avoid Drinking And Smoking

Concentrating on and assessing your habits is one of the best ways to know and realise what one must do and what one must avoid. Before you consider evaluating your diet, know what you must do away with. Drinking and smoking excessively can make you prone to risks of high blood pressure that increase the risk of heart disease. In reproductive age women who smoke, higher androgen levels are detected. Hopping back to good health requires you to ditch these habits.

Do Not Ignore Your Symptoms

More often than not, most of us like to believe all is well with our health. Often, despite noticing unusual symptoms, we tend to either procrastinate our visit to the doctor or remind ourselves all will be okay. We take note of change in our food habits, and even when health goes awry, we continue to go about our chores without prioritising accurate detection. If you find yourself doing the same, make sure you remind yourself to be vigilant and visit a doctor.

Share, Don’t Keep It To Yourself

There is never any harm in sharing with a close bunch of people what you may be going through, be it something emotional or physical. At times, sharing thoughts, fears and anxieties could open doors and avenues in helping change the situation you may find yourself trapped in. Talk about PCOS with family, friends and whoever you think can help you deal and fight it.

Take Up Exercise Or Yoga

We have all heard about a sound mind residing in a sound body. The benefits of exercise are tremendous and more so when you have a physical condition that can be reversed by adapting to lifestyle changes. Exercising doubles your flexibility, improves your energy and respiration, helps reduce weight and maintain balanced metabolism. Yoga, likewise, increases blood flow, boosts your metabolism, and keeps diseases at bay.

Ensure Balanced Diet, Avoid Skipping Meals

A healthy, balanced diet can help you live longer with fewer complications as against mindless consumption of food and drinks. Healthy eating strengthens bones, helps smooth functioning of digestive system, supports muscles and lowers risk of type 2 diabetes as well as cancer. If you have PCOS, make sure you don’t skip your meals in a bid to lose weight fast. If you skip meals or eat after long gaps, PCOS could throw your hormones out of gear. Eating mindfully and at regular intervals, in fact, will strike a balance and help fight your condition. Zoom your way back to sound health!

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