The Dark Side Of Living With PCOS

By Cicle Health on 24 Aug, 2022
The Dark Side Of Living With PCOS

When I look back at my childhood, I am filled with pain and anger for the girl who was robbed of living a normal life because of a misdiagnosis. Everything started when my period came. It was so heavy that I was stuck at home for a week. I was told that my hormones were just acting up since it was my first time. I didn't get my period for four months after that. I kept going to the hospital, but I was told it was normal. It became normal after the four months, but I noticed I began to gain weight without even trying. And by the time I was sixteen, I was slowly becoming overweight. My confidence level dropped, and I became really withdrawn. I really didn't want anyone interacting with me, because I knew that it was just a matter of time before they mentioned my weight. At around the same time I noticed the weight gain, I also noticed some strands of hair on my chin. I brought it to my doctor's attention, and she dismissed it without really checking it. With the knowledge I now have of PCOS, I now know that all the symptoms I had were glaringly pointing to PCOS, but because of negligence on the doctor's part, I wasn't diagnosed for years till I came face to face with infertility.

I was 29 when I got my diagnosis. At this point, I had gotten used to having irregular and missed periods. I had been diagnosed with diabetes some years back, and I learned to shave my chin. I was diagnosed during a fertility test after years of trying and failing to get pregnant. I was devastated upon finding out. I mourned the years I thought I was defective and there was something wrong with me. My husband assisted me during this time, and I was forced to seek therapy as a result of the psychological scars it left me with. I am better now and I've been monitoring my PCOS. I was assured by my gynaecologist that I could still get pregnant naturally, so I am hoping for the best.

Situations like mine can be avoided now that people are getting to know more about PCOS. If you are reading this and you feel your symptoms are somewhat like mine, please seek help immediately. 

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