By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022

People often use PCOS and PCOD interchangeably. This is because they do not know the difference. These conditions are different and also similar. One of the similarities they share is that both are hormonal imbalances,and they both affect the ovaries. To understand the difference between both conditions, you must first know what they are.


PCOS occurs when the ovaries develop a number of small cysts, or fluid-filled sacs, on their ovaries. These cysts are not harmful, but they cause an imbalance in hormone level. Women with PCOS may have irregular or even missed periods. Women with PCOS produce a high amount of androgen also known as the male hormone, because of this hormone present in the female body, symptoms like hair on the chin and breasts are common with women with PCOS .


PCOD is a condition in which the ovaries are enlarged. These ovaries release immature eggs in large numbers—which eventually turns into cysts. This causes abdominal weight gain, infertility, baldness and irregular period. PCOD also causes the production of the male hormone (androgen)

PCOD is more common in comparison. Women with PCOD receive little to no help in conceiving, while women with PCOS might require extra help. Both conditions require a diagnosis to be made—and appropriate steps have to be taken to manage them. They can both be treated with diet changes, lifestyle changes and medications.

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