Miracle Comes in Twos

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
Miracle Comes in Twos

For Mishka, a child is the ultimate gift. Whenever she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her lips stretched in a huge smile when she whispered the word "Mother". She had forever dreamed of having little ones of her own making—it wasn't almost so. Her hope came crashing when she got married at the age of 23. She and her husband tried to get pregnant naturally for two years, but she didn't conceive. After the second year of trying, Mishka went to a gynaecologist. It was with this gynaecologist her diagnosis was confirmed—She has PCOS. She described that day as the worst day of her life

"I broke into tears and started screaming. I thought women who have PCOS will never have children, I've always heard it, so I believed it. So I cried and mourned the children I thought I'd never have".

Her gynaecologist told her PCOS wasn't a death sentence and that it is very possible to give birth to healthy children. Mishka saw this as a silver lining. She was given options to help manage her symptoms and help her conceive. She chose IVF.

"Asides being painful, IVF is intrusive. I didn't mind, I kept going for each of my appointment. I had three failed IVFS. To be honest, I almost gave up, but whenever I saw a little child, I got a reminder of why I started in the first place. It was emotionally draining wanting something that felt like it is more than an arm stretch from you. I kept praying for a silver lining".

The silver lining came, Mishka finally got pregnant. It gets better, she was pregnant with twins. At first, she couldn't allow herself the luxury of being happy—she knew the risk of having a child in her condition. So she attended her prenatal appointments judiciously and followed the doctors advice to the letter. At the end of her pregnancy term, she went home with very healthy Children—a boy and a girl. She knew she had won, she did it—Became pregnant inspite of PCOS. You too can. Book an appointment with a specialist today, you never know what miracle will bring to your door.

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