How To Raise Happy Kids

By Cicle Health on 2 Sep, 2022
How To Raise Happy Kids

How to raise happy kids

The goal of every parent is to raise great children. As mothers, our greatest fear is being abandoned by our children when they are grown. Imagine raising children who, at the first taste of freedom, leave through the door and never come back. It is heartbreaking, right? There are ways to prevent that from happening. Firstly, you need to know that children are greatly influenced by what they see and what they hear. If you want them to grow up to be loving individuals, model it for them.

Let's look at ways to raise loving children.

Treat them with respect. 

Parents are fond of talking down on their children because of the age difference, which shouldn't be so. Everyone should be treated with respect. The way you talk to them is the way they will talk to their friends and schoolmates. Remove insults from your vocabulary when talking to them. Let them understand the importance of treating people with respect. Ultimately, they will treat you the same way they treat others. 

Show gratitude 

"Thank you" goes a long way. It shows that you appreciate a person or a particular gesture. Whenever your kids do something for you, no matter how small, you should always use the words "thank you. Teach them to have a heart of gratitude. Always thank people who show an atom of care for them. By doing this, you are teaching them to appreciate things and people around them. The polite child who is growing up in love, respect, and care will always love the people around him. What polite child abandons his parents? 

Connect with them. 

Have you ever seen children who call their parents just to talk about their day? You sometimes envy them, don't you? This is only possible because they are more than just family, they are friends. They have built the relationship and are enjoying the benefits of those years of understanding each other. As a mother, you should learn to be your child's closest friend. Whenever your kid comes back from school, ask them about their day. Ask them about the new kid at school, their friends, their crush. Let them know you are always there to listen to them and offer advice. Spend time bonding. Go on road trips, vacations,try out restaurants together, go to the movies, make memories outside your home together. 

Teach them to be responsible.

Teach them how to be responsible, let them know that some actions have real-life consequences, and they should never neglect their responsibility. You can start by assigning chores to them. Get a pet and let them take care of it. These things teach responsibility, so when they grow older they don't run away from their responsibilities. 

Show trust

As your children grow older, they tend to need more space to themselves. You should always respect their privacy. Do not go into their rooms without knocking. You need to understand that by over-controlling them, you can lose their trust. Let them make decisions on their own sometimes; otherwise, they will be overwhelmed by you. Show them that you trust them enough to make the right decisions. 

Remember that children are individuals in their own right, with unique characteristics. If you suffocate them while they grow, they will be counting the days until they can break free. At the end of the day, how you make them feel will be more important than your intentions.

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