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Miscarriage is the sudden termination of pregnancy before the 20th week. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. However, the true figure is probably greater because a lot of miscarriages happen extremely early in pregnancy, sometimes before you even realize you're pregnant. Click here to speak to a doctor

Symptoms of miscarriage

If you notice any of the symptoms written below, contact your doctor immediately. You can call the emergency room or the office or clinic for a consultation.

  • Vaginal bleeding is the most typical indicator of miscarriage.
  • Bleeding that progresses from minor to major.

Although it's not always a sign of a miscarriage, light vaginal bleeding is very typical throughout the first trimester. Contact your Doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing vaginal bleeding. If you have experienced three or more consecutive miscarriages (recurrent miscarriage) and are concerned about your current pregnancy, you should go right to a pregnancy facility for an evaluation.

Other symptoms includes

  • painful cramps
  • Weakness
  • increasing or excruciating back pain
  • Fever
  • Contractions
  • Tissue that looks like blood clots


There are different factors that can lead to a miscarriage. Some of them are:

  • Problems with genetics or chromosomes : Chromosomes hold genes. In a developing embryo, one set of chromosomes is produced by the mother and the other by the father. If there is an issue with any of the chromosomes, it might lead to a miscarriage.
  • Molar pregnancy
  • Issues with the placenta

Several factors increase the risk of miscarriage, including:

Age:- Women over 35 years of age have a higher risk of miscarriage than younger women. At the age of 35, there is a 20 percent risk. At age 40, the risk is about 40 percent. And At the age of 45, it is about 80 percent.

Previous Miscarriage:- Women who have had two or more miscarriages in a row have a higher risk of miscarriage.

Serious illness or condition:- Women who have chronic conditions, such as undiagnosed diabetes, have a higher risk of miscarriage.

Problem with the uterus:- The condition of the uterus or a weakened cervix may increase the risk of single tissue sclerosis.

Smoking, alcohol and narcotic drugs:- Women who smoke during pregnancy have a higher risk of miscarriage than non-smokers. Excessive alcohol consumption and illegal drug use also increase the risk of miscarriage.

Weight:- Being underweight or overweight has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage.


There are many types of tests the doctor can do if there is a possibility of miscarriage or if there is a miscarriage.

Pelvic exam: The doctor can check whether the cervix has started to dilate or not through a pelvic exam.

Ultrasound :Through ultrasound, the doctor will check the heartbeat of the fetus and determine whether the fetus is developing or not.

Blood test :The doctor will determine the level of pregnancy hormone. You can check and compare it with the last test done.

Infection might arise after a miscarriage. About 3% of women may have an infection after a miscarriage. Do contact your doctor, if you have symptoms such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Cramps that last for more than 2 weeks.
  • Fever
  • Smelly vagina discharge

Infection after miscarriage can be dangerous, but it is usually treated with antibiotics


Treatment of miscarriage may range from bed rest to surgery. Your doctor may recommend rest until the bleeding or pain subsides. Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound to check if the uterus expelled all the pregnancy tissue. If there are still remains, surgery might be required to remove them.

Frequently asked questions

How long should I wait before trying to get pregnant again?

You should wait for a while before planning your next pregnancy. You can start trying after one month.

Can miscarriage kill the mother?

No, but untreated infection, which is a complication of miscarriage can.

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