PCOS and Your Mental Health

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
PCOS and Your Mental Health

Having PCOS might put a dent on your mental well-being. According to research, having PCOS symptoms such as excessive acne, weight changes, hair growth, hairloss and fertility issues can have a detrimental impact on mood, self-confidence, and body image.

Coping with PCOS symptoms can be challenging, especially if you don't know what's causing them. A healthy lifestyle, including staying as active as possible, an healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, has been proved to be one of the most effective methods for managing the symptoms of PCOS. However, it can be challenging to take care of yourself,  if your mental and emotional health is diminished or poor.

Understanding the impact your mood can have on regulating your lifestyle is thus one of the secrets to managing PCOS successfully. It's crucial to ask for assistance if you think you need it with this. Your emotional health can be improved with the appropriate support and medical care . PCOS can affect your mental and emotional health in two way.


STRESS: Living with a disorder like PCOS can be stressful. When you feel intimidated or unable to handle a situation, you become stressed. A little bit of tension can spur action, but too much stress, especially over an extended period of time, can negatively impact your health and sense of wellbeing. Having to go see your gynaecologist frequently might take a toll on your mental health.


Different PCOS symptoms may cause you greater concern at different points in your life. It's crucial to get treatment for symptoms like acne and excessive hair growth if they make you feel self-conscious or alter how you view your body. Your body image may be impacted by PCOS's physical changes. Many PCOS patients feel less visually appealing, physically fit, and physically healthy. The emotional toll of this might be very high. PCOS can cause some women to feel self-conscious and lower their confidence and self-esteem.

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