Stairway to Happiness

By Cicle Health on 4 May, 2022
Stairway to Happiness

What is needed to be happy? There is no one word clear answer and yet the world searches for it. While everyone wants to be happy and find a way to seek happiness, it is actually normal and happiness can be met and found every day.

There's no formula, no specific method, but there are some easy steps that get you there. Read on to discover, imbibe, and practice how easy it really is to find happiness in your life.

always help

Reach out to someone who may need your help. It is important to know what you can do to make life easier for others; It could be anything, just being around or just doing something relatively inconsequential. By doing this you will feel better immediately.

to be grateful

We always have enough to feel good. Practice the art of acknowledging what you have and being grateful for it. Remember that there are many people who will feel better having you around.


If you have only a few minutes, sit in a quiet place without thinking. Do this every day. Whether it's the beginning or the end of the day, there's nothing better than taking some time to meditate and be in your own world.

stop worrying

Don't let your mental peace and well-being be ruined by worrying about things, people or circumstances. Free yourself from worries by having better thinking and clear planning. Worrying will not change the situation, acting on it will change the situation.

keep focus

Instead of worrying about what isn't there, focus on what you want to do and let your energy lead you there.

spend time outside

Take some time out to go for a walk, play or connect with the nature around you. Keep quiet and look at the plants, listen to the birds and soak in your surroundings. Experiencing oneness with nature complements your well-being and can bring you unique joy.

put on some music

Music is the best companion when nothing better is in sight. Be it classical notes, relaxing music or just piano, anything that matches, listen to this music and just relax.

be yourself

One of the best ways to feel good and satisfied is to be sincere in everything you say and do. If you do what you say and do, it goes a long way in maintaining your relationship and respect as a trustworthy person. Also, there is no replacement for honest words and deeds.

find courage

If feeling empowered and in charge is the definition of happiness for you, then find the courage to stand up and speak up wherever necessary. Keep the power of speaking in such a way that it completes its work without spoiling the mood of others.

learn to move on

You may not find it easy to disconnect from something around you for long periods of time. However, it is important to realize that everything has its time and place in your world, unless something new happens in life. So try to move forward, not backward.

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