Fertile Discharge

By Cicle Health on 27 Jul, 2022
Fertile Discharge

Similar to egg white in appearance and feel, fertile discharge is thin, transparent or white, and slippery. Ovulation is about to occur, according to this kind of discharge. As sperm ascends the cervix to fertilize an egg, fertile cervical fluid aids in their ascent. Usually, a few days before ovulation, people start to experience fertile discharge. Over the course of several days, the discharge could get wetter and slicker. Typically, the discharge volume declines after ovulation.


  • Wash your hands till they are completely clean( to avoid infection)
  • Take a sitting position, or find a positive that is comfortable for you.
  • Insert a finger into your vagina, because not to have a cut. Get a sample of the mucus

• Examine the mucus and then roll it between two fingers—typically your thumb and index finger—while doing this. Ovulation is most likely imminent if what you see is moist, watery, and slightly stretchy. Your cervical mucus is extremely fertile if what you discover is extremely wet, extends between your fingers for at least one inch, and resembles a raw egg white—ovulation is just around the corner.

Several patches of cervical mucus with a fertile appearance can occur in certain women throughout their cycle, especially those with PCOS. It may not be effective for you to predict ovulation in this circumstance by monitoring cervical mucus.

You should keep an eye out for additional ovulation indicators just to be on the safe side.

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