The Community Helped Me

By Cicle Health on 24 Aug, 2022
The Community Helped Me

I found out at age 16 that I was suffering from alopecia. I got the diagnosis after a week of waking up to clumps of hair on my pillow. I was devastated when I got the news, because no hair meant I was going to get bullied in school. I couldn't even go to school for three days because I kept losing more hair. I was in denial for a while, which made me believe the hairloss was temporary. I wore hats to cover up the bald patches .

I’ve never loved my appearance, but my hair was the one thing I loved. The volume and length got a lot of compliments. It felt like I had lost a huge part of myself when I became bald. I felt ugly and ashamed. I finally accepted my reality when I completely lost my hair. I was in a dark place. I went to therapy for a year and began taking antidepressants. I was in a crisis.

Even though they were there for me, many around me didn't understand why this was impacting me so severely. I'd often cry about it whenever I got the chance.

I joined a group chat for women suffering from hairloss and these beautiful souls helped me ease into my sudden transition. We all felt this same way, so we always communicated our struggles. I won't say I am finally gotten to the stage where I am comfortable without my hair, but I've finally accepted that this is the new me and slowly building myself confidence.




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