By Cicle Health on 5 Aug, 2022

Symptoms of bulimia nervosa begins in late adolescence or early adulthood. Typically, you binge and purge covertly.Purging makes you feel relieved whereas bingeing makes you feel embarrassed and ashamed. Bulimics frequently weigh within the acceptable range for their age and height, but they could be quite unhappy with their bodies, fear gaining weight, and wish to lose it.

Signs and symptoms of bulimia can include:

  • Being obsessed with one's weight and body type
  • Trying to throw up after eating
  • Anxiety
  • calorie restriction, fasting, or avoiding particular foods in between binge
  • Unable to control eating habits



There is no known cause for Bulimia. Bulimia may arise for a couple of reasons including :

  • ancestry and family history
  • biology
  • A painful experience from the past
  • social factors
  • cultural influences

Numerous dangerous and even life-threatening problems from bulimia can occur. Potential issues include: issues with relationships and social functioning as well as low self-esteem

Dehydration, which can cause serious health issues like kidney failure

Heart issues including a rapid heartbeat or heart failure

females' irregular or nonexistent menstruation

It's critical to get medical and mental health support if you believe you or a loved one may be struggling with bulimia. Prompt treatment may not only enhance your quality of life but also assist avoid problems that could be fatal.

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